Last night my friend interviewed me on her “Talk-N Angels” Radio show. Here’s the link if you want to listen to it. It’s about my book and the hosts are show about love, find love, relationships, book on love, radio show about love
  • When I listened to the replay, I found myself having so many negative things to say about myself…
  • Why is my voice so nasally?
  • Why did I have to say “emm” or chuckle so much when others were talking?
  • Why did I sometimes sound like word salad!?
  • I’m not a public speaker.
And then it hit me. I was consumed with all of this negative Self Talk, the same thing I teach about in my book. So I quickly caught myself…the first step. And then I replaced it with what was really true:
  • Heck, I actually sounded pretty smart when answering their questions.
  • I was on a call-in line, so it probably made my voice not as clear as it could be.
  • This was the first interview, and overall it went really well, and dang, it sure was fun!
I love how life gives us so many opportunities to grow and learn and recognize our best selves. So I ask you, what have you said about yourself today that may not have been as loving as it could be? How could you change it around to be more empowering?