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Last night my friend interviewed me on her “Talk-N Angels” Radio show. Here’s the link if you want to listen to it. It’s about my book and the hosts are great. When I listened to the replay, I found myself having so many negative things to say about myself… Why is my voice so nasally? […]

Why You Are Single…

If you are not in a relationship it is either one of two things. A.  You want one and don’t have one. B.  You don’t want one. If you were in the “B” camp, I suspect you wouldn’t be reading this page. So I am making the assumption that it’s “A.” You want one but […]

Get Out There and Date!

My friend, Mali Apple and I talk about dating.  Do you want to find true love, but are afraid to date?  Check out this Google plus video for dating suggestions and tips. In my book, From Your Vision Board to Your Bedroom, Using the Law of Attraction to Find True Love, I have a section […]

Making Your List…Of What You Want in a Partner

Do you know what you want in a relationship? So often we REALLY know what we DON’T want in a relationship.  Especially when we think of all those past relationships and those “you know who’s” that stole our hearts.  This makes finding true love really stressful.  We get to the point where we focus so […]

Boost Your Immunity

With the change of season also comes the flu.  Here are some ideas to boost your immune system.  This will help your body get strong enough to kick in and take care of it quicker. Exercise, sleep, sauna, laughter, love Remember the 5 S’s:  Salmon, Smoothies, Salads, Spices, Supplements It is important to get high […]