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Are We Touch Deprived?

“That was more touch than I’ve received in the last 7 years of my marriage.” This is what one of my clients said the other day after massaging him. “We have not touched each other that intentionally in our 8 years of marriage.” This is what a woman said after taking my Couples Massage Class. […]

Hot Stone Massage

Every time I go to our beautiful beaches here in Portland, Maine, I find smooth stones that I know would feel so good when heated and put on the body for an awesome hot stone massage.  The big ones feel great on the sacrum and stomach, little ones fit perfectly between the toes, medium sized […]

Massage and Golf

What if Massage could take some strokes off of your Golf Game!!?? My dad is a huge golfer.  He has a golf newspaper and radio show in Rhode Island.  I love golf too.  Although it doesn’t happen that often, there’s nothing like hitting that ball so perfectly that it didn’t even feel like I hit […]

Golfer’s Elbow Exercises

I found this great video to help people with golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow. Pain at the inside of your elbow is a common injury seen in golfers, but it can occur to anyone. Pain at the outside of your elbow is a common injury seen in Tennis players. In this video he goes over […]

First Time Getting a Massage? Here’s What to Expect

As a massage therapist, I am so used to physical touch that I often forget that it can be intimidating for people who have never before had a massage.  Some people are so nervous or unsure that they never even try – imagine all that relaxation they are missing out on! I have put together […]