Couples Massage Class

“Thank you for the wonderful lesson you gave my husband and I!!! We have already tried it out at home and can’t wait to make it a regular gig!!! Thank YOU!!” -Julie

Couples Massage Class in Portland, Maine

  • Do you ever come home from a long day of work and just wish your partner could give you a massage or even just rub your back and get the knots out?
  • Do you dread it when your partner begs you to massage her back and then complains that you’re doing it wrong?
  • Are you looking for more intimacy and relaxation in your relationship?

Couples Massage Class in Portland, Maine

Join us for this interactive couples massage class where you will learn massage techniques and correct body postures that will make massaging your partner a pleasure rather than a pain in the neck!

The purpose of this class:

  • To bring more intimacy into your relationship
  • To learn a new way of communicating with your partner
  • To learn how to give a massage that feels good to you and your partner

We will cover:

  • How to feel for knots and how to work them out
  • Body alignment
  • Getting familiar with the major muscles
  • Focusing on the back, neck, shoulders, and feet


Couples Massage Class

Group Massage Classes:

  • By appointment.
  • Limit 4 couples per class.
  • $200 per couple.

Private Massage Classes are also available upon request.

For more information about Portland Couples Massage, contact me:



Here’s what people are saying about the

Couples Massage Class….


“Thank you for the wonderful lesson you gave my husband and I!!! We have already tried it out at home and can’t wait to make it a regular gig!!! Thank YOU!!” -Julie

“I highly recommend the couple’s massage class with Sue Vittner. Sue was a patient and effective teacher, giving many pointers that have improved the massage experience for my partner as well as myself. We had a great time, and I’ve used what I learned several times with positive results/response. I also suggest taking home the instructional DVD that Sue offers. I can refer to that if I am unsure of my stance or technique. I’m able to pick up little things every time I watch it.”

“Thank you Sue, Jillian & I had a fantastic time at our couples massage class yesterday. We will highly recommend you and that class to everyone we know!” – Zodie

“My husband and I really loved this class. Thanks so much for doing them Sue! She taught us several easy techniques that allow us to give each other more effective massages… and most importantly, without putting stress on the hands of the person giving the massage. The environment was really comfortable and relaxing. I left feeling like I had a professional massage I’d love to do another follow up class in a few months to refine what we learned.”


I have created a Couples Massage DVD

so you can learn

how to massage your partner

in your own home.

Order Your Couples Massage Video Here…


Couples Massage Video

Everyone loves getting a massage, but giving a massage is another story. In this video, I teach you how to massage your partner so that it feels good to you too. Whether you are massaging your partner on a table, the bed or on the floor, in this video I teach you tips and tricks for alignment and using body parts like the elbow and even your feet so you don’t get tired while massaging your partner. It’s a really fun video and you’ll learn so much. Enjoy!