Imagine in Color: Adult Coloring Book & Creative Journal to Inspire Possibilities

Adult coloring book Imagine in Color

This adult coloring book is designed to help you relax, relieve stress and also manifest what you desire!

This is the best adult coloring book if you’re into the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, vision boards and manifesting, plus coloring and writing in your journal. This book is a collaboration of them all!

If you want to attract more money, attract a relationship, or just want to create more happiness in your life, this coloring book for adults and teens will help you get the juices flowing and signal to the universe you’re ready!

This coloring book is designed to help you create what you desire through the power of your imagination and the beauty of color!

Remember the experience of getting lost in the act of coloring and how creative and free it felt as a kid? Well it’s being proven that coloring is great for adults and teens too as a way of winding down and meditating.

This book is an invitation for you to unplug, relax, relieve stress and take time for yourself. In here is the opportunity to relax into the world of coloring while also delving into the power of your mind to manifest that which you desire.

Some pages are adult coloring book fun, while others will have prompts for you to add powerful words (feelings, adjectives or deep desires) to get the creative juices flowing and let the Universe know that you’re ready to live your biggest most joyous life.

This is one of the best coloring books for adults to help them manifest what they desire.

Need a gift for a college student? This book is a great idea!

Best used with crayons, colored pencils and gel pens or washable Crayola markers.

Paper is 55lb which is a little thinner than the popular adult coloring books because it is self published through Create Space.

This book is a little different than the popular coloring book for adults like the beautiful Secret Garden coloring book. This book is more loose and has opportunity for you to add words.

This coloring book is for you if you enjoy the process of envisioning what you desire in your life and want to color as you manifest. It’s unique and whimsical and once you add your colorful touch, will be beautiful!

Hope you enjoy this coloring journey as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!

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Here are some example pages:

Adult coloring book coloring book for adults