Are you ready to manifest the love you desire – and deserve?

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  • Are you ready to fall deeply in love with yourself?

  • Are you ready to be so radiant that true love FINDS YOU?

  • Are you ready to go about this love thing in a whole new way – where you’re harnessing the laws of the universe to create exactly what you want?

You have the power within you to create whatever you desire when it comes to love…and anything else in your life.

It can be hard to see sometimes, especially when you feel alone on the journey, but with someone to coach and support you, and hold the clear vision for you, it is actually rather easy and exciting. It is my mission to help you.

Join me.  Get support on your journey.  Fall completely in love with yourself and achieve your dreams of finding true love. I believe everyone can create the love life they desire.  Don’t let another day go by without having the love you want in your life.

When you coach with Sue, you will:
  • Get clear on what you want
  • Transform any limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and single
  • Make peace with and finally get over your past relationships
  • Restore balance in all areas of your life
  • Harness the principles of the universe – like the Law of Attraction – and attract the love you deserve
  • Connect with that spark of Divinity within you
  • And get so radiant, love will have to find you


About Sue's Love Coaching

Before being part of Sue Vittner’s coaching, I had no idea what the power of limiting beliefs had over me. Her class helped me break out of those ideas in a playful yet powerful way. Now I don’t carry the weight of beliefs that had no real truth to them, and I’m free to be honest about what I want from a relationship and what I can offer. Sue helped me understand the value of being honest from the start and dedicating time to keeping true to myself to be true to any future relationship.
20 Something Female
20 Something Female
from El Salvador
Sue’s coaching lingers with me long after her words are read or heard. I find ways of incorporating her techniques and exercises into the most unexpected of my daily moments. Often on the train or walking to work, I will realize I have had a breakthrough because Sue’s smart and insightful wisdom has been living deep down inside my heart. Since working with her, I have found such a surprising and sustained openness and curiosity and calmness when approaching men and relationships… a patience that has not thrived for a long time.
Megan Cramer
Megan Cramer
When I receive coaching from Sue Vittner, I feel like I get a breath of fresh air. I get more freedom in my thinking. She helps me to move forward and feel more light about the things that matter most to me, especially creating more love and intimacy in my life.
Sasha Cagen
Sasha Cagen
Writer& Life Coach, California
One thing that really stands out being coached by Susan is the way she is able to adapt to the way I communicate. Feeling stuck to the point that I have to confess “Sorry, I know this is supposed to be very easy and totally natural and stuff, but honestly, I don’t get it,” she comes back with a picture or a story that pokes my imagination, unlocks it and helps me reconsider, to let go, to understand. With my heart, and not just on a logical level. I never feel like having to follow specific instructions to reach my goals, to force myself into something that is not really me or I am not ready for yet. It will always be me who chooses the path, sets the pace, opens myself up to challenges, but along the way, I am happy to know her to be there whenever I start to run in circles, providing that little push to get me moving forward again.
Andreas Mueller
Andreas Mueller
Computer Guy from Germany
Susan Vittner’s coaching is breathtaking. Literally! More than once when I have asked for coaching on an area in which I was stuck, when I have read Sue’s response, I have GASPED out loud at how RIGHT ON and GROWTH INSPIRING her thoughts/words were. So grateful to know her!
Barbara Berry
Barbara Berry
Therapist, 43, Gainesville, Florida
Before Sue Vittner’s love coaching, I was under the mistaken impression that there was no way I would be able to find a suitable mate. I had even been told it was true by people who were well meaning, but certainly never exposed to Sue’s expertise. However, after Sue Vittner’s love coaching, I found myself joyfully liberated from negative thought patterns associated with being in a relationship. I proudly educate people who impose their outmolded relationship requirements upon me about an entirely different, but refreshing way of finding a suitable partner based on her instruction. Sue has taught me that my desire to be in meaningful relationship that nourishes me is not just a lofty ideal. If you have ever been told or felt that it is impossible to be happily coupled, please read Sue Vittner’s books and reward yourself with Sue Vittner’s online class forums as well! You will find that your desire to be mated in a healthy relationship that is right for you is not at all unusual, but entirely possible!
Paula White
Paula White
Registered Nurse, Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a love coach, anyway?

A. Think of a personal trainer.  They give you exercises. They encourage and sometimes push you beyond what you thought you could do.  They hold you accountable for your highest good – all for the purpose of helping you get in great shape and reach your goals.  Well, a love coach is similar – with the intention that you fall deeply in love with yourself and clear up limiting beliefs and patterns to love – so that you are radiant to attract the partner of your dreams. 

Q. Will love coaching really help?

A. You will become aware of beliefs and thought patterns that have been running your life, often times to your detriment. Together we make you aware of what’s stopping and blocking you, and we transform it.This can be a challenging journey, but one that will profoundly change your life. You get an action plan with homework to practice new ways of being, thinking and acting. As your love coach, I will hold your highest vision for yourself and motivate you to achieve your deepest desire! If you are ready to grow and challenge yourself, you can get all the love you want.

Q. What makes me an expert?

A. As a coach I have been trained to ask the right questions and use the appropriate tools and techniques to help you see what you may have otherwise been blinded to, and to grow beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. I believe each person is creative, resourceful and whole, and has the wisdom and answers within them, but sometimes they need guidance to access that hidden wisdom.

As a love coach, I am guided by my intuition on what I sense you are needing, and create a strategy for you. The results have been amazing and it’s a joy to hear clients suddenly have ah-ha moments of unblocking what has been keeping them stuck for years.  And it is a blessing to hear how many have gone on to meet partners, and most importantly feel a sense of freedom and love within themselves that they hadn’t felt in years.


Before I worked with Sue, I had read up on the law of attraction and how to bring more love into my life.  However, I found myself discouraged because I wasn’t sure how to stay positive when there were other issues in my life that seemed to get in the way.  By talking with Sue I was able to work out how to feel better about myself and my living situation which in turn provided me with confidence to better implement the law of attraction.  I especially liked the “different perspectives” exercise that she provided.  It helped me really change the “tapes” that were playing the negative messages over and over in my mind.  I highly recommend Sue’s coaching and look forward to working with her again.

-Francesca from New York


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Are you ready to do this thing called love!?

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