What if Massage could take some strokes off of your Golf Game!!?? My dad is a huge golfer.  He has a golf newspaper and radio show in Rhode Island.  I love golf too.  Although it doesn’t happen that often, there’s nothing like hitting that ball so perfectly that it didn’t even feel like I hit it…and it went exactly where I was aiming.  But I must admit, when I try and crush the ball, my body totally feels it and I definitely need more massages during the golf season! Here are some areas we would specifically focus on during a massage for golfers…

Hip Rotators Golf requires a high level of rotation through the hips, but because so much of our modern lives involve sitting at computers and in vehicles, the hip rotators often become “stuck” and in need of massage.

Hip Flexors The golf stance can often lead to excessive tightness in the hip flexors, the muscles along the front of your thigh and abdomen.

Thoracic Spine The middle portion of your back, called the thoracic spine, plays an integral role in the golf swing. Many swing errors put too much tension on the muscles along the spine; release this tension to improve your swing’s effectiveness.

Head and Neck Often golfers experience tightness in their head and neck area.  That pressure to keep the eye on the ball combined with all of the other things that need to be kept in alignment really puts stress on the neck muscles.

Here are some ways Massage could benefit your golf game…
  • Increased blood and lymph circulation:  If a muscle is stiff because of a long day on the course, getting oxygenated blood to the area improves the condition rapidly.
  • Muscle relaxation:  Relaxed golf muscles function efficiently, reducing the risk of “strain,” and producing consistently better shots.
  • Pain relief :  Anytime you have pain, you’re not maximizing your golf swing. Instead you’re making a modified swing that guards against the pain, which of course makes a big difference when you’re trying to hit the ball. When you have an injury, or experience pain, those muscles shut down and other muscles kick in to help the injured ones. It’s hard to swing well if you have aches and pains.
  • Adhesion removal and Fibrosis alleviation:  The repetitive motion of a golf swing, if done incorrectly, can cause injuries in many parts of the body, backs, knees, elbows, shoulders, and wrists.  An adhesion exists when two tissues are joined by scar tissue following an injury or disease. Fibrosis is formation of excessive or abnormal scar tissue after an injury. Massage may be effective in breaking down such adhesions and relieve this condition.
  • Stress reduction:  When you are stressed, you’re often unconsciously clenching your shoulders and arms. This is counterproductive to the normal motion of the joint and tight muscles severely restrict your golf swing. Because massage reduces anxiety and gives the sense of well-being, this allows the golfer to stay relaxed and swing more fluidly. Being relaxed and feeling good allows one to play better.
  • Fatigue reduction:  Post-round massage increases circulation in the muscle tissues, helping to prevent build-up of harmful “fatigue” products resulting from strenuous exercise and competition.
  • Massage with stretching:  A golfer will often notice increased flexibility after only one or two sessions. If you have limited flexibility, it may help you and your game move in the right direction.

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