Wouldn’t it be great if you and your partner found a way to


allowing you to enjoy MORE touch and INTIMACY in your relationship?

Let’s face it, we all love getting a massage but dread giving a massage.  It feels so good to be on the receiving end, but it seems downright draining to be on the giving end.  It is just plain uncomfortable.  Our partner might feel great afterwards, but we feel stiff and achy….and then we NEED A MASSAGE from giving a massage!   Of course, your partner has the SAME experience when they are on the giving end, which leaves them also dreading giving a massage.

And the bottom line is that there’s not a lot of massage giving going on, which means that you BOTH miss out. 


“In the past, I’ve bought and read a bunch of different massage books. Sue’s video differs in that, yes, she shows you massage techniques, but her emphasis is on how to give a massage without stressing your own body. This is crucial if you plan to make a habit of giving massages. The video also conveys Sue’s personal warmth. She’ll inspire you to make your massage into a celebration of the pleasures of kindness and the kindness in pleasure.”-Ben

  Hi, I’m Sue Vittner.   I started teaching Massage Classes because…   couples massage video I want couples to ENJOY MASSAGING each other.   I want to give women and men some tricks to get those knots out….without any effort at all.   I believe if couples feel more confident in massaging each other, their intimacy will increase, they will get to know each other on a whole new level, and they will learn how to listen to each other’s bodies more.   I’ve taught hundreds of couples these very tricks and the results are phenomenal.    

Here’s What You Will Learn….

There’s so much packed into this video!

arrow1You’ll learn the number one mistake people make when giving a massage, and you’ll learn how to avoid it so that you actually feel uplifted from the process instead of drained.



couplesmassagevideo-online2A special trick I do with my thumb that has totally saved my fingers… so YOU won’t hurt your hand….while getting really deep into the knot.


arrow1How to massage on the floor….where you will even learn how to massage with your feet!  And pointers to comfortably massage on the bed if you don’t have a massage table.


arrow1You will learn a full back massage with special focus on the Lower Back and Shoulders…..PLUS…..How to massage the arms, legs, glutes, how to give a great face, neck and head massage, and….how to give a great FOOT massage!

Read what my students have to say....

And just think....YOU get access to this Couples Massage Class in the privacy of your own home!

Thank you for the wonderful lesson you gave my husband and I!!! We have already tried it out at home and can’t wait to make it a regular gig!!! Thank YOU!!
My husband and I really loved this class. Thanks so much for doing them Sue! She taught us several easy techniques that allow us to give each other more effective massages... and most importantly, without putting stress on the hands of the person giving the massage. The environment was really comfortable and relaxing. I left feeling like I had a professional massage. I'd love to do another follow up class in a few months to refine what we learned.
Thank you Sue, Jillian & I had a fantastic time at our couples massage class yesterday. We will highly recommend you and that class to everyone we know!
I highly recommend the couple's massage class with Sue Vittner. Sue was a patient and effective teacher, giving many pointers that have improved the massage experience for my partner as well as myself. We had a great time, and I've used what I learned several times with positive results/response. I also suggest taking home the instructional DVD that Sue offers. I can refer to that if I am unsure of my stance or technique. I'm able to pick up little things every time I watch it.


All of these tricks I’m giving you are really priceless!  In this video you are receiving the best of what I have learned in my 10 years of being a Massage Therapist.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars and massaged thousands of people to come up with these tricks, because I’m all about working smarter, not harder…. My live classes cost $200. But, I’m giving you all of these tips and tricks packed into this video for only $47! Heck, that’s less than the cost of 1 massage Learn Now for Only $47!

It’s so easy….you will be brought right to the video immediately after you order.

You can play the video as many times as you need, so you will really get the moves down.   You can watch it together with your partner, or on your own…and then surprise him or her with the new tricks I teach you!

After you learn these tricks in this video, you’ll be an absolute pro…your partner will think you went to the best massage schools out there, and I assure you it will be SO EASY!

Plus….you know that touch that you’ve been craving in your relationship.  Well, now you will both have a new skill and purpose through touch….and just imagine….your intimacy will skyrocket!

You know what I’m most excited about for you when you get this video?  It’s that you and your partner will have a new spark.  You’ll have a new way of touching and listening to each other’s bodies.  The massages will feel GREAT, but the true benefits will be felt in your relationship for years to come.