Wheel of Life Exercise

In all of my Love Coaching sessions, I use the Wheel of Life exercise for clients to assess their overall satisfaction in life.  I believe the path to finding true love is a holistic one.  It includes our whole self.  The Wheel of Life tool offers a nice visualization and starting point for where we […]

Self Care…From the Air

What is Your Self Care? The other day a woman and I were talking about her life.  She is feeling overwhelmed because she has been taking care of her husband who became ill over a year ago.  She was at first feeling a bit guilty for taking a few days off to attend a workshop […]

Are We Touch Deprived?

“That was more touch than I’ve received in the last 7 years of my marriage.” This is what one of my clients said the other day after massaging him. “We have not touched each other that intentionally in our 8 years of marriage.” This is what a woman said after taking my Couples Massage Class. […]

Hot Stone Massage

Every time I go to our beautiful beaches here in Portland, Maine, I find smooth stones that I know would feel so good when heated and put on the body for an awesome hot stone massage.  The big ones feel great on the sacrum and stomach, little ones fit perfectly between the toes, medium sized […]

Roost House of Juice

The Roost House of Juice is a great new find here in Portland, Maine. They have a variety of consciously created juices and smoothies. For example, here’s a fun green one…. NORTH WOODS As you drink this juice, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the midst of the Maine North Woods, home of some […]