If you are not in a relationship it is either one of two things.single A.  You want one and don’t have one. B.  You don’t want one. If you were in the “B” camp, I suspect you wouldn’t be reading this page. So I am making the assumption that it’s “A.” You want one but don’t have one. So, why don’t you have one?  I would like to take a gander and say it’s because you have mixed emotions about what a relationship will mean for you. On one hand you want a relationship because it will mean connection and intimacy, but on the other hand you don’t want one because:
  • It will mean time and energy on your part
  • Or you’ll feel like a failure again
  • Or maybe you think you don’t want to have someone disappoint you again
  • Or you can’t find anyone that meets your standards
  • Or you are getting over a breakup
  • Or….you fill in the blank
Basically, you have associated pain to relationships. So, which is more painful: the pain of not having that intimacy and connection of a relationship, or the pain you’ve associated to relationships? Go ahead and take out your journal and ask yourself what you really think of relationships. –Is the pain of a relationship greater than that of not having one? –Or is the loneliness greater? –When you see another couple, what does that evoke in you? Give yourself some time to really ponder this stuff. I know it’s messy, but trust me, we first need to see (and maybe understand) the mess before we can clean it up. That’s what I’m here for…to help you clean up limiting beliefs you have about love, so you can be free to manifest the relationship you desire.  If you want that, check out how it’s possible.