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Ongoing Workshops


Love Coaching Corner – A Video Coaching Program

Join Sue Vittner, author of the book, From Your Vision Board to Your Bedroom: Using the Law of Attraction to Find True Love, as she walks you through each of the exercises in her book – in convenient and engaging video format. softcoverVisionBonlinepicvid

In Your Love Coaching Corner Video Program, Sue is coming from the corner of her living room, to your email inbox/computer.

This 28 day program is designed to guide you through all of the exercises in the book. Sue will be your cheerleader as she motivates and encourages you to go through the processes of finding true love.  Find out more here…



Couples Massage Class:Couples Massage Class in Portland, Maine

  • Do you ever come home from a long day of work and just wish your partner could give you a massage or even just rub your back and get the knots out?
  • Do you dread it when your partner begs you to massage her back and then complains that you’re doing it wrong?
  • Are you looking for more intimacy and relaxation in your relationship?
In this interactive couples massage class, you will learn massage techniques and correct body postures that will make massaging your partner a pleasure rather than a pain in the neck!

Classes are held locally in Portland, Maine, or Sue is available to teach for your workshop/retreat/Bed & Breakfast/vacation spot.

Learn more about the classes here.



Past Workshops:

 It’s a New Year…Do you want to manifest True Love?

Find true love book, from your vision board to your bedroom: using law of attraction to find true loveAre you ready to attract BIG LOVE into your life in the New Year?  Are you ready to harness the laws of the universe to attract a partner who is a perfect match for you? Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you? Do you think it’s time to fall deeply in love with yourself and become so radiant that true love FINDS YOU?

Are you a spiritual person who desires deep love and companionship in a relationship, but are struggling to meet the right partner for you?   Are you ready to get clear on what you deeply desire in a partnership?   Do you want to identify and eliminate blocks to getting this BIG LOVE you desire?

Join Sue Vittner for this (in-your-own-home) book study/workshop where you can intentionally explore the concepts and exercises in her book, From Your Vision Board to Your Bedroom: Using the Law of Attraction to Find True Love, and also connect with others who are on a similar journey…all from the warmth, comfort and convenience of your own home.





Be a pioneer in love + relationships. Create the love you really want

A 7-Day live online course to breathe new life into your love life. Get out of your own way, bust open your limiting beliefs, and fall in love with yourself so you create the relationship you really want.holding_hands

Get open, authentic, and vulnerable with us in Quirkytogether 101–we’ll help you create a relationship you really want


In this class, you’ll explore what’s possible for you in a quirkytogether relationship.

Quirkytogether 101 will help you get re-energized and passionate about yourself and love.

  • Get clear about the possibilities of an interdependent and independent relationship
  • Learn how to easily share your quirkytogether vision with anyone you date
  • Identify what’s really important to you that you’re not going to compromise or lose no matter what
  • Connect with and get inspired by others who share this vision



Find True Love Workshop!

Find true love book, from your vision board to your bedroom: using law of attraction to find true love

Click to order on Amazon

Wind & Sky Yoga in Greater Freeport, ME

Embark on a journey into your deepest self. Make peace with your past, clean up limiting beliefs you have about yourself, love and relationships, and get clear on what you truly desire in a partnership. As you release blocks to love, you connect to your inner radiance.

This fun and spiritually inspiring workshop combines materials and techniques from my book: From Your Vision Board to Your Bedroom: Using the Law of Attraction to Find True Love. Through journaling exercises, group processes, meditations, and powerful Law of Attraction techniques, discover that the search for true love is really a journey into yourself.



Vision Board Making Workshop!

vision board making workshop Join us for a fun night of creating your Vision Board! Bring your favorite magazines and pictures, we’ll supply the rest that you need for your Vision Board.

Red Hot & ladylike: 509 Forest Ave, Portland

Bring: Magazines & Wine & Friends!



Sacred Manifesting: Creating Your Dreams!manifesting workshop portland maine

  • Are you willing to discover what is possible for your life?
  • Are you open to receive what your soul truly wants?
  • Would you like support in creating and implementing your vision?
If you answered yes to any of these, and you are ready to make some powerful changes and discover what is truly possible for your life, then this is for you! Come, have fun, explore and get things moving!

Built into each of us is a guidance system that helps beckon in the transformation we truly long for in our lives. Join transformational teachers, Andrea Ferrante & Sue Vittner, as they help you create and explore this roadmap which will help open & bring in the best version of YOU this year.

In this workshop you will:
  • Call in and clarify your intentions for 2014
  • Learn tools to open and clear what keeps you stuck.
  • Stay connected with the Source of Life & Power within you.
  • Walk away with a roadmap and plan for 2014 and beyond.
  • Discover how the chakras create a natural pathway for manifestation.

Meadow Wind Institute 100 Gray Road Falmouth, ME 04105





Unity of Greater Portland 54 River Road Windham, ME In Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, one of the Basic Principles is, “When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator’s creativity within us and our lives.”

Scribble your way to spiritual connection in this playful workshop with Sue Vittner. Leave your inner critic at the door and welcome the divine possibilities in the doodle.

Using meditation, music, gentle movements, and the practice of doodling, she will take you through many exercises which will allow spirit to create through you and unleash blocks you have to creativity.

Sue loves creating an environment where people can connect to the deepest most spiritual and joyous parts of themselves. And she would love for you to come play and see what happens when we let go and let God.

Bring your favorite doodling pen/pencil. The paper will be provided.




Join Todd Glacy and Sue Vittner as they take you through a process of discovering your authentic heartfelt intention and then integrating it into your entire being.

Using processes of Yoga Nidra, Sacred Sound and Gong Meditation and hands on energy work, they will lead you through this unique experience of relaxation and energy clearing to allow your intention to permeate every aspect of your being.

Todd and Sue love creating an environment where people can connect to the deepest most spiritual and joyous parts of themselves. They believe this magical place helps ripen our intentions because it offers our minds, bodies and souls a chance to let go and let God.

Bring a yoga mat or blanket and join us for this relaxing experience.  



Cross The Line

Join us while you experience this 5 step process, to discover new powerful, creative and fun ways to move you from a “stuck place” and into a place of possibility, opportunity and aliveness.

After this day of self-discovery, journaling and kinesthetic experiences you will have fresh, new perspectives and clear ways to connect with, and express these new perspectives.

Jim Hammond will be co-facilitating this workshop with me. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, has been participating in, facilitating, and leading personal growth groups since 2004. Jim believes that each of us has the courage, wisdom, compassion and ability to transform the circumstances in our lives into conscious choice and learning about who we are. Jim brings an incredible balance of challenge and compassion into life coaching and workshops and this provides an opportunity for each participant to learn who they are and who they want to become.



Spring Clean Your Mind, Space & Spirit

Spring clean your mind Kirsten Jettinghoff, MA, LCPC, a Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Organizer who utilizes a holistic approach to health and wellness, and I facilitate this workshop entitled, “Spring Clean Your Mind, Space & Spirit”. Is physical and mental clutter… …Weighing you down? …Keeping you from getting what you desire? …Choking your creativity?

Join us for this workshop where we will look at areas in your life that need to be cleared of clutter. In this class/workshop you will learn tools & techniques you can use to clear clutter for clarity.



Law of Attraction Intensive

Law of attraction Michele Sanchez, and I facilitate this workshop entitled, “Law of Attraction for Newbies”.

Have you watched The Secret…but still wonder how to manifest? Join us for our class where we will look at who we are, why we’re here, what we want, and how we can get it. In this class/workshop you will learn tools & techniques you can use to quickly and easily get you into your vortex. In this class we will use:



Embody Your Power

Life Coach, Stephanie Cook, and I facilitate this workshop entitled, “Embody Your Power”. In this workshop you will learn how to attract experiences you are wanting and how to manifest your desires quickly and easily. You will learn how to move energy through the body to release blocks and limitations. In this workshop we will use: Movement therapy, Meditation techniques and Journaling.

We believe that by freeing up blocked energy in your body, your mind and your life find a new freedom.



MONEY & LAW OF ATTRACTION: Create Your Own Economy

Life Coach, Stephanie Cook, and I facilitate this workshop entitled, “Create Your Own Economy”.

In times like these it’s more and more important to turn off that bad news and revel in the positive aspects in your life. All over this country you can find people thriving financially despite the overall trends. Be one of them!  We know that whatever we focus on, Law of Attraction will give us more of it.  So, if we focus on scarcity and the bills piling up, we get more of that.  If we focus on what we want and relax into allowing it to come to us quickly and easily, we get more and more of it until we are living the life of our dreams!